Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home Inspiration

I am dreaming about decorating our new home. Paint colors, new flooring, pillows and the perfect mirror for over the fireplace are all swarming around in my head these days. I thought I would share where I think it's all going....
Source: yhl
So I will just start by admitting how much I love young house love's last house. Yeah, I even looked up their paint colors and went to Benjamin Moore to get samples. There is something about this space that is the perfect balance of cozy, comfort and style that I am going for. It's functional (and with a baby this is definitely a priority) but looks nice too. I love their mid-centurt modern tv stand/dresser. I want an ottoman just like this, with great storage and no sharp edges for baby. I want some fun pillows and love the gray walls. Moonshine by Benjamin Moore, thinking this is the neutral for our hallways, foyer and den, maybe some other spaces too. 
Source: HomeSav
I love the mix of whites and dark woods. In our last house almost everything was dark wood, but I want to try and add more visual interest by throwing in some white pieces like this garden stool. (I am thinking rounded corners=okay for baby?) 
Source: project nursery
I am thinking of changing Chloe's room a bit. I've been going back and forth between keeping it the fun bright pink and going in a whole new direction, like the picture above and painting the walls a soft gray. I love the airyness (is that a word?) of the gray walls, white furniture and pops of color. Her furniture will definitely not change, as I spent hours putting those yellow lines on them. 
Source: project nursery
I love this look. I am just gonna paint the walls light gray to start. If I decide I want the pink back it's always easier to put that bright pink over a light gray than try to go the other way. (I wonder if the people who bought our house painted over it, I'm sure they did.) 

So that is where I am today. I have decided to make my own listy mclisterson like Young House Love. Check back for that soon! 

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