Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Greensboro Science Center

This past Saturday we took Chloe to the Greensboro Science Center. It was a rainy day here so we thought we would try something inside. When we got to Greensboro, about 30 minutes east of here it wasn't even raining, which turned out well since they had outside exhibits. 
It was basically an aquarium and zoo, they had a museum part but we didn't do that since we didn't think Chloe would really be into it.
They had the cutest penguins!
I actually remembered to bring my Nikon, then after one picture it ran out of batteries. So I had to rely on the iphone, most of these pictures aren't that great, oh well. 
Of course Chloe's favorite were the monkeys. In the past month or so she has really been into monkeys, it's so funny. We have a baby animal book and the baby monkey is by far her favorite. One of Clarke's coworkers gave her a pink stuffed monkey and she loves it. So when we got to the monkey part of the zoo, she lit up, really this girl loves her monkeys! 

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