Friday, July 26, 2013

5 for Friday

So I am late getting this up today, but we've been busy (okay really we've been at the Y but that counts right?) Thought I would link up with Darci!!

1. Me and Clarke started watching breaking bad on Netflix. After hearing from several different bloggers that they were hooked we decided to try it. Let me tell you, we are hooked! It's actually a pretty funny show, which we weren't expecting. We are really enjoying it when Chloe goes to sleep at night. 

2. I got my first pair of Tom's the other day. I ordered them when they were on sale at Zulily. I am loving them!

3. Chloe is really into standing these days. She still has yet to crawl, in fact she has absolutely no interest in it. But she is all about standing. What to do?

4.  One of my best friends from Richmond came to visit last Sunday and Monday with her daughter. We had so much fun going to the pool, Old Salem and out to eat. We love visitors!

5. Last Saturday night I had my first girl's night in my new town. I met some new friends and had such a great time. It's been so nice knowing some other moms as we adjust to living here. We already planned to do it again soon.

Hope ya'll have a good weekend!!

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