Monday, July 8, 2013

First Fourth

Chloe's first Fourth of July was such a great day, of course I had a special outfit for her to wear. (I am starting to think that is my new favorite part about any holiday, just dressing her up!) 
This is actually the day before. I got this dress for memorial day at a consignment store and it was too big for her then, so I saved it for the fourth!
All smiles on the Fourth of July, so sweet. We headed down to Old Salem, which is an old settlement, very similar to colonial Williamsburg. We loved walking around and seeing all the old houses and gardens. Luckily it wasn't too hot.

We though it might rain, but luckily it held off that morning. Chloe did really good, but after awhile in her stroller she wanted out. I am starting to see a trend with this. 
After walking around we came home, had some lunch and went to the pool. 
We tried a new pair of sunglasses, but she decided she would rather eat them than wear them, oh well. Later that afternoon Clarke's parents came into town and stayed the long weekend. This was the only picture I got.
It was so great to spend time with family and have Clarke home from work the extra days! 

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