Friday, September 14, 2012

Yard Stuff

Redoing our backyard has always been on our to do list and we are finally getting to it. After we paved our driveway (well we paved half of it, it was huge and we really didn't need enough space for 4 cars to park) we started to plant grass. 

Well first we got a lot of topsoil delivered, the pile was huge. Clarke and his parents spent a couple days spreading it out, I felt bad that I couldn't help but Clarke worked so hard on it. 
He also put lime and fertilizer down. 
I did sprinkle lots of grass seed down, and went to Southern States a couple times. This is what our yard looked like after he finished getting everything ready for the grass seed. 
 I really hope when I post the next picture there will be green grass growing. Before it was mainly weeds, so we keep saying anything will be better than before! Now I am just watering it a lot, waiting for mother nature to work!

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