Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goodbyes and Gratitude

I hate saying goodbyes. I know they are apart of life, part of the way god designed it. But I still have trouble accepting it. Recently our children's pastor announced that he has taken a new job in Texas and would be leaving our church.

Pastor Alan is not only our children's pastor, but he is also in charge of our young adults ministry. The one I blogged about here. So I have not only gotten to know Pastor Alan and his wife through the children's ministry, but also through the young adults ministry as well. Oh, they are also our neighbors.

Pastor Alan has always challenged us to follow god, and not to settle. He has guided us and given us good advice about choices we make for god. He has encouraged us to take risks, and put ourselves out there.

But instead of just "talking the talk" he would also "walk the walk". His actions line up with what he preaches, which doesn't always happen in this imperfect world we live in. Through different church activities whether they were summer camp or a young adult social, Pastor Alan has truly shown what it means to follow Christ. His energy, excitement and enthusiasm for working with children has inspired me to bring those same elements into the classroom everyday.

And so it makes sense that once again he is showing us what it means to really follow god. Even when that means moving all the way to Texas, and starting a new life. His family will be missed so much. But I know god has something for them in Texas, new people for them to touch, new children for him to impact. Maybe another aspiring teacher who is eager to learn how to really love children, how to relate to them or another young adult who just needs guidance or a good role model.

I still hate goodbyes.

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Anonymous said...

I don't like goodbyes either! I went to college across the state from my hometown. Most of my friends stayed at or near home and one went even further than I did. It's been a year and a half and it's not any easier than it was at first. I'm thankful for modern technology since it's helpful for keeping in touch, but it's still not quite the same. Some friends, though, are with us in close proximity for a season, and I believe - and think you'll agree - that means their impact on our lives is no less profound than it might otherwise be.