Saturday, April 16, 2011

Musings of a New Homeowner

One year ago today we walked into the lawyer's office, gave them a big check, signed a zillion papers and got the keys to our very first house! It was such a big day, one I will remember forever.

Here is a tidbit of things I have learned this year......

1. Everything takes longer and costs more than what you think. When we first moved into our house we had big plans to re-do lots of things. And we were so naive about the time and money it would take. Every project we have done, whether it's painting or hanging blinds took twice as long and costs a lot more than originally anticipated.

2. I don't like yard work. I love home improvement, but when it comes to yard work, it's just not my thing. I want our yard to look nice, but it's a lot more work than what I thought! And one tree can produce hundreds of leaves, which takes hours to rake and bag. One important lesson we've's worth it to pay the $30 fee to have the county pick up your leaves on the curb. We will not be bagging our leaves next year!

3. Location, location, location! One reason we bought our house was because we loved the neighborhood. And it has turned out to be such a great decision. I love our neighbors, they're the kind that will see you struggling to trim your bushes and offer to help. I love that we live so close to a park, with a great trail to run on. I love living so close to our church. The location of our house is just perfect for us.

4. It's a work in progress. Going along with number one, I thought after 2 months of living here we would have this house exactly how we wanted it. Yet we still have so much on our "to do list". But, I've learned that it takes time, and that's okay. I've learned that when you rush to get a bunch of things done at once it's not fun. So it's better to take your time and enjoy each project.

5. Trash pick up and recycling services are great. When we lived in the apartment we had to walk down to the dumpster every time our trashcan was full, and recycling wasn't even an option. It's nice to roll down the big ol' trashcan to the curb on Thursday nights and be done with it. And everyone should recycle, so it's nice to have them come pick that up as well.

6. I love sharing our blessing. God has really blessed us with our home, and I love having people over and sharing it with them. Since we have moved in our bible study has had several parties here, and I always love being the host. It feels good to have a place where others feel welcomed.

7. I love being a homeowner and I love our house. Despite all the extra work and responsibility, I love owning our own home. We have such a sense of pride, and although it's a journey, we are slowly making it our own. We couldn't have asked for a better place to call home.


Melissa said...

Hi! I was just browsing blogs and came across yours. Seems like we have a few things in common!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a blessing to be able to experience this all!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Amen to all of your comments! We've been in our house for 8 years now and some of the same things are still on our to-do list. In time...