Friday, May 27, 2011


So after our fun day in Philly we drove down to my dad's place in Baltimore. We went out to dinner at this cute little place in Fell's Point. I love this part of Baltimore, not too touristy, and very quaint.
We went to dessert at my favorite place in Little Italy, Vaccaro's. Here is Clarke's dessert!
The next morning we went to the Farmer's Market. They had so many beautiful flowers, and good food. I got some great mango hummus, which we've been enjoying since.

Afterwards we went to the Oriole's game. They won 2-1 against The Nationals. We were also lucky to dodge a thunderstorm.

I didn't take too many pics, since I already have like 100 pictures of everything in Baltimore. Maybe that is an exaggeration, but I def. have my share of pictures of the inner harbor. We also decided that Baltimore is one of our favorite cities. We loved Philly, and lots of other neat big cities we've been to, but there is something really nice about the inner harbor, and the water and boats in Baltimore.

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