Monday, May 2, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Welcome to my edition of Miscellany Monday!

1. I am loving our house in it's full spring glory!
All the plants up front by the house are recently planted. I hope that little tree we planted on the left side grows fast, it looks so tiny right now!

2. I recently started doing Zumba at my church. My sister-in-law wanted to go, and I thought it might be good to do some cross training for my running. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I also must admit that I remember it being a lot harder than it is now. I think after all this running I am finally in shape!

3. Friday my class went to our Little Feet Meet, for the Special Olympics. It was such a great event. I can't even express how much I enjoyed it.
It was great for them to have an event about them. My students will never have ballet recitals, or basketball games for their parents to come watch, this is it. It was great to share that with their families and them.

4. I enjoyed watching the royal wedding. I didn't wake up early to see it, but I did stay up way too late that night watching the coverage on the news. I honestly didn't really care that much about it, until I turned it on and got lured into it. I loved her dress, that was the main reason I turned it on to begin with, had to see that! What did ya'll think?

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!


Heart n Soul said...

What a cute little house.....about the wedding..I love that Prince William threw caution to the wind and drove his bride to Clarence house in the convertible with balloons and the just wed sign .attached...ahhh...true love :) gotta love that!

SydneysHome said...

Your yard looks so pretty! I love the mature trees (our neighborhood - near the coast of SC has none!). I watched some post-wedding coverage. They truely seem in love. That's my favorite part. (And that dress...)

Kit said...

Love your house!!!!

Melissa said...

Ooh, I just started Zumba after school and am loving it!

Still haven't seen the royal wedding since the TV was out, but I plan on finding it this week and enjoying!

Courtney K. said...

Kate's dress was the main reason I started watching it too. And then when I got started, I couldn't turn the thing off!! You guys have such a cute little house!! Love it!

PamJ said...

I pvr'd the wedding. It's a great part of history!
I have heard that zumba is great, can't wait to try it :)