Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Silver Bullets

Today was my first day of marathon training! It was awesome!

As I posted earlier, I'm on the silver team, we're the silver bullets. My coaches are so nice, in fact everyone is really nice.
I had to post this picture, here I am finishing my first training run. I met these two girls today, and we ran together this morning.  We decided to pose for our picture.

I am so pumped right now (so I decided to document, when I need a little pick me up later in the season!) It's so exciting, I'm loving this running community and the motivation and inspiration that comes from it.

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momof3 @ Neurosis of the Stay at Home Marathoner said...

LOVE IT! So cute!

Pose for the camera now, when it's "easy", because there will come a day *and I promise I'm not making this up*, when you will see a photo of your self finishing the 20 mile training run and you will say, "I look like a crack addict in need of a fix..." True story.

Ok maybe that's only the kind of thing that happens to me...

~savor the run~