Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year in Pictures

Happy New Year's Eve!! I can't believe 2011 is over, here are some of my favorite times this year!
New Year!! (January)
Our trip to Vail, Colorado. Simply beautiful out there. (March)
Anniversary Trip to the Homestead. (April)
Me and Emily at the Monument Avenue 10k. The race that started it all! (April)
Enjoying Easter with the family. (April)
Us at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. (May)
Camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains. (June)
Us in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. (June)
Rebecca gets married!! At her rehearsal dinner. (June)
Beach trip to OBX with the girls. (July)
Me at Falling Water in Pennsylvania. (August)
Me after my first half, ran during a hurricane! (August)
Camping with friends. (August)
Apple Picking in Charlottesville. (October)
Rachel gets married! (October)
Me and Clarke before the marathon. (November)
Me and mom on Thanksgiving. (November)
Christmas! (December)
Family at the VMFA for my birthday. (December)
It's blog posts like these that make me feel so blessed!! What a wonderful year!

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